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ChiroTV Support is here to help!

We listed a bunch of common support issues below. Click on the issue below you are having to the left. If you are still having difficulty fixing your support issue yourself, you can submit a support ticket by clicking here. Once a ticket is submitted, a customer support tech will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions

  • How to install ChiroTV Network onto another computer

    Visit our website at www.chirotvnetwork.com/setup and there you will be able to download the shortcut for out fullscreen login page. Make sure to select the proper download. To Check your PC to see if it’s 32bit or 64bit you must go to your “My Computer” and View system properties.

  • ChiroTV Network is not fitting the screen correctly

    PC Resolution
    Your PC resolution must be set to 1280 by 720 or 1024 by 768. To change your resolution right click on the desktop and go to screen resolution or down to properties. If you’re having difficulty please submit a support ticket for our help.

    Browser Zoom must be at 100%
    All browsers have a zoom feature and it must be set to 100% for the image to fit properly on your TV. Open internet explorer and click the gear button in the top right. Then look down to the zoom and make sure it’s set to 100%. Then restart ChiroTV Network to see if it now fits properly.

    TV-Zoom Options
    If you are using a widescreen TV and your resolution is set to 1024 by 768 and you’re seeing big black bars on each side of your screen, hit the Wide button, P/size button, or aspect ratio button on your remote. This should get rid of the black bars and allow the image to fit your screen.

    Graphic Card Options
    Sometimes the graphic card options will allow for adjustments to the vertical and horizontal picture size. Please submit a support ticket for our help if you’re unsure how to do this.

  • No Picture on TV or says “NO SIGNAL”

    TV Input
    Make sure your Input/ Source for your TV is set to HDMI or VGA depending on what cables you are using. Remember there are usually 2-3 hdmi inputs on tvs so make sure to select the one you are plugged into.

    Laptop Function Key
    Make sure to Hold fn button (function button) and then hit either F5,F6,F7, or F8 to enable the tv screen that’s attached. The F button should look like a monitor. Hit it a couple times until your image is on both the laptop and the TV.

    PC Resolution
    Your PC resolution must be set to 1280 by 720 or 1024 by 768. If this is not possible, please submit a support ticket for our help.

  • TV screen goes black after a short while

    Your Screen Saver must be set to the “NONE” option. Right Click on Desktop and go to properties or personalize.

    Power settings
    Your Power Settings and Sleep Mode must be turned to the option “NEVER”.

  • Can’t login into ChiroTV Network

    Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Submit a support ticket if you’re still having trouble.

    If you’ve forgot your password or username please submit a support ticket at www.chirotvnetwork.com/support

  • ChiroTV Network not refreshing weekly

    1) Logout and Log back in
    2) Hit the F5 key to refresh screen in Internet Explorer.
    3) If Logging out and back in again doesn’t refresh your screen then Hit F12, then Cache, then check “always refresh from the server”.
    4) Clear Internet Cache if nothing else seems to work.

  • No Volume on the TV

    1) Audio cable from PC to TV is not connected properly. HDMI has an audio with it but VGA(15 PIN) doesn’t usually come with it. You must get 3.5 mm PC audio cable to go with the VGA.
    2) TV volume needs to be turned up
    3) PC volume needs to be turned up

  • ChiroTV Network is not playing on our secondary monitor (Dual Video/ swap screen issues)

    Please submit a support ticket for our help with dual video issues at www.chirotvnetwork.com/support.

  • Address bar still showing on the top of Internet Explorer

    To full screen your channel and remove the address bar you must hit F11 or you can download our full screen kiosk login shortcut at www.chirotvnetwork.com/setup

  • Status bar still showing on the bottom of Internet Explorer

    To remove the status bar from the bottom of your screen you must open internet explorer and click on toolbars and then click on “status bar”