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Our Easy-to-Use Chiropractic Patient Education System Provides You with a Multi-Tasking Marketing Solution

Built by chiropractors for chiropractors, ChiroTV Network educates chiropractic patients and makes marketing (and selling) easy for you!

If you think “passive” TV advertising has been made obsolete by the Internet and social media, think again! Pharmaceutical companies still spend billions of dollars marketing their products on TV—because it works! Using your chiropractic waiting room TV to market your practice is a smart choice. Your patients are already “sold” on your practice. They are a “captive” audience who have already shown interest in all you have to offer. ChiroTV Network’s mission is to make it easy and cost efficient for you to market all your products and services, increase your revenue, and build the lifetime family wellness center of your dreams.

Take a look at all the benefits a ChiroTV Network patient education system offers:

New – Full Screen Motion Graphic Videos

Adding a new twist to the weekly presentation, we have added motion graphic videos that provide additional education and entertainment for your patients. These videos will change weekly along with the presentation and will always be eye-catching and powerful! This great new feature, combined with all the others, gives your presentation many different looks that are sure to keep your patients engaged.

Simple Setup
No contracts. No setup fees. No “box” to buy! Minimal equipment is required to get started with ChiroTV Network. As a matter of fact, you may already have everything you need for instant access. Option 1: You will need a computer with Internet access connected to a TV monitor with either a VGA or HDMI cable. Option 2: Purchase an Intel Compute Stick, which plugs directly into the back of your TV and turns your TV into a full Windows 10 computer. This option is “plug and play” with wireless access to the Internet and comes with a wireless keyboard/mouse combo. Contact us for pricing. Either way, as our customer, you get unlimited support and we will assist you with setup. You can be up and running in minutes!
Auto-Pilot: Instant, Fresh Marketing
You don’t ever have to worry about boring your regular patients or front-desk staff. When you’re too busy to create your own playlist, just click the Auto-Pilot switch and our new weekly playlist will appear! Every Monday, your patients will see FRESH information without you having to do a thing. As soon as you want to take complete control over your playlist again, flip the switch again. Meanwhile, we do the work, and you can check “reception area marketing” off your list for the week.
Playlist Library: Educate Your Patients—Effortlessly!
Educated patients buy more, remain patients longer and provide better referrals! So how do you educate patients without cloning yourself? Educate while they wait! Choose from multiple presentations in the playlist library and create a loop to run through the day. You may also create your own custom presentations and add them to your playlist library. Fresh, new information keeps patients engaged every time they visit your office. Spanish content is also available and it’s easy to customize the system in Spanish.
Flexible Photo Ads
Do you get stuck between having a great marketing idea and implementing it? Promote anything you want in minutes! Simply upload a picture and add text. Both appear on the left panel of your channel. There is also a large library of popular products/services ad templates from which to choose. Perfect for patient testimonials, product/service information, advertisements and so much more. You can be very creative without having to hire a graphic artist. Test out your marketing ideas for a day or a week before you spend money on advertising!
Scrolling Ticker
Captivate your audience with a scrolling ticker. This eye-catching feature is easy to use and can be updated in seconds! Use it to promote events and support all your marketing efforts. You have the ability to choose the speed and color of the scrolling ticker to complement your chosen themes and backgrounds. You may also choose a pre-made ticker message from our extensive library.
YouTube is a popular resource for information and entertainment. Modernize your practice by including YouTube video clips on your playlist! ChiroTV Network offers up to 10 video slots for this feature. Find videos to help promote your business or create your own videos. You can easily create patient testimonials, workshops, special announcements, product commercials and so much more! (Note: You will need to have high-speed Internet access to stream YouTube videos.)
Endlessly Customizable Slideshow Builder
Only 25% of your patients are aware of all the products and services you offer. Don’t waste an opportunity to promote the things that make your practice unique! Easily create your own custom slides and build a distinctive slideshow. You can play this slideshow by itself or blend it in with other done-for-you presentations using the playlist builder. When you educate your patients about ALL your products and services, they will buy more from you and refer others to you more easily!
Exclusive Patient Retention Videos from Dr. CJ Mertz
Chiropractic practice growth expert, Dr. CJ Mertz, has created specialized content exclusively for ChiroTV Network subscribers. Sometimes, it’s easier to let someone else “toot your horn” for you. CJ skillfully explains to your patients WHY chiropractic is important to overall wellness and as a support to all the other healthy lifestyle choices they make. CJ has spent decades being an industry cheerleader for chiropractic, and he honors us by providing these special video messages to ChiroTV Network subscribers.
Local Weather Forecast
Give your audience an up-to-date, local 3-day weather forecast! This is an attention-getting feature as people are always interested in catching the weather!
Music Player
ChiroTV Network provides a library of background music to choose from. The music feature will automatically shut down when a video appears and then turn back on once the video is complete. You can also mute the music and play your presentation silently. Choose what works best for your practice.
Branding/Background Themes
Do you want your patients to pay attention to information that’s good for them—not their smartphones? Your patients are more likely to watch your waiting room TV if it looks like your own private TV channel—with information they can’t get anywhere else—and definitely not on their phones! Our design and marketing team will work with you to include your practice logo on your channel. Our platform allows you to change the backgrounds from our library to create a different look at any time. Of course, you can also import your own photos to use as the background theme on your channel. You’ll maximize your practice’s brand image when you capture the curiosity and the attention of your patients.
Created by Chiropractors, for Chiropractors
Sometimes, the latest “shiny marketing objects” are just not relevant to a chiropractor’s practice—or require too much of your time. ChiroTV Network was created by chiropractors, so we know what you need to grow your practice—solid patient education focusing on true chiropractic philosophy, family care and patient retention.