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Website Must-Haves

Website Must-Haves

In this digital age, your website often serves as your first impression to prospective patients, team members, even joint venture or networking partners. It can also support all your marketing initiatives, serve as a central location to house your marketing messages and act as a funnel for your social media campaigns. It can be an education portal for both prospects and patients alike. Your website should be your practice’s home base, if you will. Therefore, you want to ensure that it represents you and your practice accurately and well.

Since your website serves multiple purposes, creating a site you’re proud of is wise investment of your time and money. And since we’re dedicated to the success of chiropractors, we pulled together these helpful tips for building a strong website presence. Does your website pass the must-haves test?


Homepage Tips

The main purpose of your website homepage is to signal to visitors that they’re in the right place. First of all, it needs to “look” like your practice because you’ve used your logo and company colors.  It needs to “feel” like your practice because you’ve written it in your unique voice and personality.  Most importantly, you only have most visitors’ attention for a few seconds, so your homepage needs to quickly communicate the “main idea” of your practice with words and images “above the fold” (within the first screen that appears without scrolling).

Once you’ve caught their attention, your homepage should also persuade visitors to explore and read on. Easy-to-understand navigation links across the top should lead them to the information they are seeking.

A welcome video on your Homepage can also be very powerful. If you’re a customer of ChiroTV Network, a website player can be installed that features the presentation of the week on autopilot. This shows visitors from the start that your practice educates its patients.

Checklist of must-haves for your Homepage:

If you need a new website . . .

If you are considering a website overhaul or don’t have one yet, there are many modern, inexpensive do-it-yourself templates from which to choose. But it does take time and a bit of know-how to manipulate even the simplest of templates. If you decide to hire a professional team, look at sample work first, and get a few references! Website development is notorious for delays and undependable contractors, much like home renovations! Because your website is often the first thing people see, it’s wise to buy the most attractive and functional site you can afford.

Checklist of must-haves for your general website design:


About Page Tips

The “About” page on a website is the second-most-read page after the homepage. This is not surprising, since prospects want to know more about you and your team before they make their first appointment. 

That said, prospective patients will also want to know why you can help them. So, writing your about page can be a little tricky. It has to be about you but NOT about you. It must include what’s unique about your practice, education and experience that will specifically help patients with their problems.

Many times, it is best to have a professional writer interview you and write your bio because it is daunting to write about yourself. But you can also have team members write about each other. Go ahead, list your education, awards and links to articles you have written or interviews you have given—this gives you credibility. But plain CVs or resumes reproduced on a page are boring! Write your bio from the perspective of your prospective patient. (Now say that 5 times fast!)

Quick checklist of must-haves for your About page:


Service Page Tips

Eventually, it’s a good idea to write a web page for each kind of service, product and program you provide. This allows you to go into detail about each, who it’s for, what to expect, etc.  This will also give you a chance to include keywords for each service (which improves your visibility online with search engines) and also appeal to the target audience for each service.  Don’t forget to include pages about new products or services when you launch them.

General must-haves for your Services content:


Blog Tips

Publishing a blog communicates helpful information to your website visitors and positions you as an expert in your field. Publishing fresh content is also very good for the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. Google and other search engines use many factors in their algorithms to decide which websites get displayed after someone searches with a few keywords. Publishing fresh content with common keywords helps make your website more relevant to searches and therefore more discoverable by search engines.

Two tips to improve the SEO of your website content:

We hope this article helps you focus on and improve your chiropractic practice’s website.  As always, feel free to reach out to us if you need more creative ideas for integrating your ChiroTV Network tools with your overall marketing strategies!